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Making money off slot machines

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Joined: 19 Feb 2014
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(Sat Aug 21, 2021 11:02 pm)

Post     Making money off slot machines

I know what you're thinking: "You can't make money off slot machines! The house always has the edge!" But just hear me out.

You probably have an image in your head of the classic slot machine that has 3 reels with a bar symbol, a 7 symbol, and a cherry symbol, and the idea is to get a 3 of a kind. It's true that with this kind of a slot machine -- and indeed with the vast majority of slot machines in a casino -- it's impossible to consistently make a profit, and you will always lose money in the long run because of the house edge.

However, these days, they have hundreds of different kinds of slot machines, some of which are called "persistent state reels". In this type of game, through the course of play, one or more wild cards will show up on the board, to be applied on the NEXT spin. This means that if a person gets a wild card, but runs out of money or otherwise abandons the machine, then the next person who comes along will have the benefit of this wild card. Depending on how many wild cards were left on the board and in which location, it's possible that the new player now has a mathematical advantage over the house. And people abandon wild cards ALL the time. Furthermore, slot machines always have multiple bet denominations (e.g. $1 bet, $2 bet, $3 bet, $4 bet, $5 bet) and ALL of these denominations will each have a different game board, all of them left behind by the previous player, giving you multiple opportunities to find an advantage in a single machine. So the idea is to identify the slot machines that give the opportunity for advantage plays, check each denomination of each machine to see if the previous player left anything behind, and if they did, play it if you have a mathematical advantage over the house.

I did a bunch of research on the different kinds of slot games, most of which are commonly found in casinos all around the world, and then checked out all the slot machines in my local casino (which is quite small). My casino has a grand total of 7 slot machines that have possible advantage opportunities. I have been going to the casino every single day (sometimes twice a day) for 2 months straight, keeping track of my net wins and losses, and I am currently up +$2,626.11. Although it's possible that you will have bad luck and lose money on any given casino visit, you WILL come out ahead in the long run if you correctly identify when you have a mathematical advantage over the house in the slot's current state and ONLY play when you have a mathematical advantage.

If anyone here wants to scout out their local casino for possible advantage machines, just let me know and we can discus! These are some common slot machines that have advantage potential:
Ocean Magic
Star Goddess
Joe Blow Diamond/Gold
Wild Pirates
Golden Jungle
Magic Wishes
Diamond Mania
Magic of the Nile
Aztec Chief

This video is a good illustration of how to put the strategy into action. The guy who made this video is a crackpot flat earther but I can confirm that what he says about slot machines is true!
Joined: 19 Feb 2014
Posts: 131
(Sat Aug 21, 2021 11:12 pm)

Post     Re: Making money off slot machines

I should mention that there is a second, potentially more lucrative way to make money off slot machines by tracking progressive jackpots. A lot of machines these days have what's called a "must hit by" progressive jackpot mechanic, where the progressive jackpot that's been building up from players putting money into the machine is guaranteed to trigger before it gets to a certain number. The idea is to calculate how much money you need to put into the machine to make the jackpot move up by $1.00, extrapolate how much money you will have to put into the machine to trigger the jackpot, calculate what your expected loss will be from the house edge (which varies from casino to casino, but I assume 15% to be safe), and then determine if the guaranteed jackpot triggering will be more than the expected loss. This is when you have an advantage. The higher the number the bigger your advantage, of course, but if you wait too long, you risk somebody else sitting at the machine before you do and triggering it.

However, in all my time going to the casino so far, I have yet to see a progressive jackpot at a number I like, so I have not yet gone after one. It's not like the wild card thing I described in the previous post where there is ALWAYS an advantage opportunity to be found every single day.
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